Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bringing Business to West Fork

Photo courtesy of Mary Smith in WFFOL calendar

Bringing business into West Fork is necessary, and supporting controlled growth will make this effort successful. We’re in an ideal location: a beautiful valley in the mountains, close to all the activities and opportunities provided by the areas to the north and south without the congestion. We have a transit system and bike and pedestrian trails bringing added economic growth and interest.  

My vision for growth is low impact and  “green” businesses, not only green in the sense that they have low impact on energy and the environment but green in that they promote new trends in jobs and business opportunities. These would include opportunities for environmental skills and products, and education to meet community needs such as medical, transportation, retail, entertainment, and recreation. One idea might be to have a small convention center/hotel with perhaps 25 rooms.  This center would specialize in hosting conferences and providing educational opportunities that focus on alternative energy sources, education in new building techniques for energy efficiency, certifying contractors and building officials in new technology and emerging alternatives for energy efficiency, rain water run-off, reducing, reusing, and recycling. 

We have a community in a location that is prime for growth in unique and appealing businesses and services.  We have several empty buildings in our commercial and industrial zones that afford great opportunity for retail establishments and light commercial businesses. Commerce, retail stores, service businesses will come to West Fork because investors are ready to invest in their business and in this community.

We are facing a time that will require all of our resources in planning, and the cooperative efforts of all of our citizens. I recently visited with a group of high school students, members of Business Leaders of America, who said their first priority for West Fork was a fast food place.  This is an example of input that should come from a wide range of ideas from a large group of people so that we can pick and choose the ideas that are viable for our community.  We need to welcome community ideas and volunteer help; we need to recognize and utilize people’s expertise, experiences, contacts, and willingness to share their time and efforts in this growth process. 

I have the desire to work with all of our elected officials, city employees, department heads, and the community.  I have the ability to seek expert resources, investment opportunities, and funding.  I have the skills necessary to help bring all of this together so that we can move forward to preserve our heritage and enhance the future of West Fork and our citizens. I have no other agenda but to serve this community. 


  1. Something I would like to see are senior apartments. Many seniors have lived here for years and after getting older or losing a mate they do not want to leave West Fork. It would be great to not have no yard work or maintenance . Many have parents that can't take care of there homes anymore. Farmington and Elkins and most of the other towns have them.

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