Sunday, December 22, 2013

Social Networking: High and Low Tech

I made these two rockers while studying under Master Craftsman, Doug Haley, in Berea Kentucky.  Kay and I have logged a lot of hours in these chairs, but lately I have spent less time there with the added demands of being Mayor.  I don't mind.  West Fork is where we live and where we want to stay.  We love small town culture.  We both grew up in small towns.  We see people we know and familiar faces wherever we go.  I have just started doing this social networking, but I have to admit that the best social networking for me is the low tech social networking on the street corner, in a grocery store, at the gas pumps, and around the table at Jake's.      

Getting off the Ground

Hi, I’m Charlie Rossetti, I am currently the interim mayor of West Fork, appointed by the city council at the November meeting, and am running for Mayor in the April special election. This bio, for those of you who might not know me, is the first posting on this blog.   
Our family moved to this area in 1980 and lived in a small country house on the Devil’s Den road.  Our children, Wendy and Dominic, went to school in West Fork, and Kay and I finished our Masters’ degrees and started our teaching careers at West Fork High School and the University of Arkansas. We became involved in West Fork through church and school activities. I coached with Danny Center in our son’s summer baseball program and with Butch Bartholomew in our daughter’s softball program.  Kay worked on the staff of the Washington County Observer when Parker Rushing was editor.  We moved into town in 1989 and bought a house on the corner of Maple and Main, the location of the old Hardin Hotel.

I retired from teaching after 30 years in the classroom.  Most of my career was spent at Springdale High School where I had a Building Trades Program, a CADD Drafting Program and a Pre-Engineering and Architecture Academy.  For over 20 years, I sponsored wonderful groups of students, many who earned state and national honors through Skills USA (formerly VICA).

I have a background in carpentry and cabinetmaking through a small construction company and cabinet shop I owned and operated in Dardanelle.  I became interested in furniture making while I was in the Army in San Antonio, and I have continued that interest in both design and construction of a variety pieces including chairs, desks, lamps, casework, etc. 

My involvement in West Fork City Government began with the Planning Commission where I held the positions of secretary and chair.  I was later appointed and then elected to the City Council, representing Ward 4, and have served in that position for the four years.

I am running for the Mayor in the Special Election in April.  I will use this blog for a little wit, wisdom, and satire, all with the purpose in keeping you informed, giving you insight, and at times expressing some humor.  Stay with me through this and call me anytime with questions or comments you might have.  Keep it clean and I’ll keep it honest.