Friday, January 24, 2014

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

10 Reasons to Vote for Charlie Rossetti for Mayor

This is my post because Charlie wouldn't say these things about himself.  - Kay Rossetti

10 - He's smart, well-organized, efficient...and modest.
Charlie was a company clerk when he was in the Army at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas.  He proved to be such a good clerk that his commanding officer loaned him out to other companies to trouble-shoot and fix their morning reports, reassignment orders, and legal documents such as Article 15's and court martials ... and to train their company clerks in the process.  He received a commendation for this (if you want to see it).
9 - He cares about the people of West Fork a lot more than the politics of West Fork. A lot more.
A specific example of this is the Water and Sewer Initiative. He supported tabling this because all indications showed that the approval would have delayed the project and been more costly to the citizens of West Fork, resulting in even higher utility bills.  He wasn't against the initiative, only the timing of it.
8 - His actions speak louder than his words (but his words are pretty good too). 
He has worked on a grant (that was denied) for the expansion of the West Fork Library - and is continuing to seek funding.  He has facilitated the process of cleaning, painting, and repairing the community center.  He  has crews lined up to clean up the area around the cemetery.  He is meeting regularly with department heads to ensure transparency and accountability.

He changed this house on McKnight Street ...

... to this house on McKnight Street. 

7 - He never raises his voice in the city administration building. Or anywhere else for that matter.
6 - He's a natural leader.
Charlie was head of his department at Springdale High School, he is a former Arkansas Teacher of the Year, representing our state at the National Teacher of the Year Conference in Washington, D.C., and Arkansas Regional Skills USA Advisor of the Year.
5 - He can communicate.  
He sits down with anyone to discuss issues in order to find common ground.  He doesn't have a personal agenda.
4 - He's environmentally responsible.
He walks to work every day.  For those of you who don't know, we live across the street from the city administration building.
3 - He includes everyone in the process and believes that the process should drive the outcome.
When the City Council asked for guidelines on comp time and overtime, Charlie included all the department heads and a representative from the council to craft the policy.  He has contacted all departments for input in writing his State of the City Address.
2 - He believes everyone has equal value. 
As a member of the City Council, he recognized that he represented the majority AND the minority voters (and citizens who don't vote at all) and was diligent in considering issues and the way they would affect all the people. See numbers 9, 5, and 3.  He is carrying this out as interim mayor, as well.
1 - And the number 1 reason to vote for Charlie Rossetti for mayor? He looks a lot like Tony Danza.  (Charlie is on the left and Tony Danza is on the right or top and bottom depending on your device).

Friday, January 3, 2014

Heading into 2014

Building on the past for our future
These are some of the things I would like to accomplish as Mayor in 2014.   In order to accomplish these things I will have to count on the hard work of our elected officials and the personnel we have in City Hall and our employees in the streets, water and sewer department, police and fire departments.

Our city is currently in the planning stages of a new sewer line to Fayetteville and in securing funding for that project.  I hope to have this solidified (no pun intended) by the end of the year.  Our water and sewer superintendent and commission have a time-line for the entire project that is periodically updated by McClellan Engineering.

The West Fork City Library will continue to seek funding for a new addition to the library adding approximately 4500 square feet.  Plans for this addition have been drawn in cooperation with Joan Bachman, our librarian.

The community, Parks Department, and City Hall have been working with Alta Greenway to design and develop bike and pedestrian trails in West Fork that will tie major points of interest together and to tie into the Razorback Greenway going from West Fork through to Bella Vista.  We should have a plan completed and drawn up by Fall 2014.  All of this preliminary work and drawings is at no cost to us.

Our streets department will add additional sidewalks to neighborhoods that will continue to make West Fork a more pedestrian friendly community.  Each year Mr. Bartholomew budgets for additional sidewalk construction.

The city and rural fire departments have budgeted two positions for full time firemen for West Fork.  Our current Fire Chief, Mitch McCorkle, will be considering personnel for these positions.

I will continue to support Police Chief Collins in ensuring the safety of our citizens. Chief Collins has added one new vehicle to the fleet, as well as body cameras, tasers, radar guns, and has a timeline for adding and upgrading vehicles and equipment.

One of my main considerations is open communication and productive working conditions among all the employees and department heads.  This type of working environment will ensure an effective city government.

Community input is always welcome.