Sunday, March 30, 2014

A View From My Window

I don’t like to campaign, but it is a means to the end come April 8.  I do enjoy being mayor of West Fork because this is the way I can help make a difference in the town.  As mayor, I have worked to build trust and confidence within and among city departments. Since November, I have 
  • been present at city hall almost every day, in daily contact with the city business manager and the city treasurer, and with the city clerk as necessary. 
  •  met with nearly every city employee.
  •  kept the website updated and will be adding additional pages, including a historical page.
  •  helped facilitate the cleaning and repair of the Community Center and City Hall.
I have had the privilege to work with the
  • Chief of Police, police officers, and their Commissioners.
  • Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, the city and rural firefighters, and to attend their board meetings. 
  • Parks and Recreation Director and Commission Chairman and to attend commission meetings.
  • Planning Commissioners, the Water and Sewer Commissioners, the library board members, the Friends of the Library, and the RRC board members.

Within the region, I have tried to be a positive ambassador for the city of West Fork by 
  • meeting with regional planning commission and Alta Greenway for the bike and pedestrian trails.
  • working with the Mayor of Greenland to lead a group of citizens from our communities as we  discuss the impact of the bike and pedestrian trails on our communities.
  • helping facilitate the work of the Ozark Regional Transit project.  (In June we will have bus service to all points in NWA on ORT.)
  • meeting with the West Fork Schools Superintendent to pursue avenues of cooperation between the school and the city.
  • jumping into the frigid waters of the White River in the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics.

All of this has been possible because of open communication and the cooperation of all the players who have offered help, suggestions, and hard work.  We need to continue to unify our efforts.  I will
  • support the efforts of the Creating Community Group.
  • join those who are working as the city website committee. 
  • get involved in the Senior Center activities at the community Center.  A committee is forming. 
  • join those who are volunteering to establish a Veteran's Memorial. There are already preliminary plans. 
  • establish additional committees as needed: Community Development, Economic Development, Beautification, Arts, and others. 
If elected April 8,  I will continue to do my part for West Fork and encourage input and involvement from all who are willing to participate. 

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