Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sidewalks, Bike and Pedestrian Trails.

   I've been reading the posts on the Planning Commission Facebook page about sidewalks, bike and pedestrian trails. Here is some info that may help in this discussion. West Fork is currently involved with the NWA Alta Greenway group to design and develop local trails that tie into the Razorback Greenway from Bentonville to West Fork and including towns and communities east and west of that trail.
    Our first local meeting was October 22 for local and area residents to learn about the trail and offer ideas about local participation. Two representatives from Alta Greenway gave a presentation at the November council meeting, on my request, to bring the council and citizens up to speed. I am posting a link for you to go to their inter-active trail website. All of the information about these trails is on this website and , for us, is the interactive map where you can locate all the places in town and surrounding area that you think a bike and/or pedestrian trail would help tie our community together and give us opportunity for this recreational activity.
   The Alta-Greenway group will develop plans for West Fork and it's surrounding area to be presented in May at a public meeting. We can continue to have input in the trails' developments from this initial trail plan. I gave an update at the December council meeting and posted a comment from the mayor on the city website and will continue to do this so citizens can be informed. Here is the trails link

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