Sunday, December 22, 2013

Social Networking: High and Low Tech

I made these two rockers while studying under Master Craftsman, Doug Haley, in Berea Kentucky.  Kay and I have logged a lot of hours in these chairs, but lately I have spent less time there with the added demands of being Mayor.  I don't mind.  West Fork is where we live and where we want to stay.  We love small town culture.  We both grew up in small towns.  We see people we know and familiar faces wherever we go.  I have just started doing this social networking, but I have to admit that the best social networking for me is the low tech social networking on the street corner, in a grocery store, at the gas pumps, and around the table at Jake's.      


  1. Should the Clerk/Treasurer position be combined and an elected position? Please give your reasoning behind your opinion. Thank you in advance, Charlie. I've also asked this on Mr. Winkler's campaign blog.
    Marsha Hungate

  2. The treasurer 's position needs to be a paid position as it is now. The "books" need to be consistent and that person needs to be very familiar with the whole process of checks and balances, payment of bills, funds, loans, reconciliations , payrole, etc, etc. An elected treasurer may not have any experience in book keeping. This is the short response.

  3. What do you think is the best and the worst things about our West Fork City government?

  4. Mr. Rossetti, What influenced your decision to reduce the number of Public Forum segments of the council meeting from three to one? Steve Winkler

    1. Steve,
      Nothing influenced me to go to one public forum in the City Council meetings. Anyone at the meeting has the same opportunity to speak to the council, to thank them for the good work they are doing, to respond to decisions they have made, to bring concerns to their attention. If constituents want action on what they are voicing, then they can contact a councilperson or the mayor and ask to get their business on the council agenda or on a commission agenda, if that is the appropriate place to start. They can have their councilperson represent that business, or they can present it themselves. There is always a place at council meetings, or at any commission that represents West Fork, to bring up business or to voice an opinion.